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Halle Von & Abigail Mac in She'll Always Think of Me Video

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3 years ago 28 494 6:12

So, I found this cute sexy lady, just looking around downtown earlier, and I thought I'd bring her back to my place and ask her some questions. Before she even said yes I knew she was naïve, innocent, and even though she has a killer bleach blonde look, she was new at sex. So, as my interview went on, we got more and more in touch with one another, and soon I was showing her how to have her very first orgasm. It was so adorable the way her cute little face glows and frowns at the same time, not totally aware of what she's feeling in her sweet little pussy. As I caught her on video, I figured I was making a lesbian sex tape that everyone would want to see. So, I'm submitting this video because Sex Tape Lesbians has lesbians filming lesbians down pat, I think this sextape will be one that no one will want to live without!

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